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Tuesday, 20 November 2018 05:23

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing A Wedding Rings Featured

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wedding rings wedding rings

Love is a beautiful thing and many people take it a step further by officially declaring their love before God and man through the exchange of vows and rings.

Making a decision on the type of wedding ring to buy is not one to be made lightly. Wedding rings are important because you will wear them forever or at least, for a long time.

Some couples decide to change their rings after some years of getting married, but even at that, you want to get a wedding ring that would stand the test of time.

Apart from that, you would also want wedding rings that would speak to you both, after all, it is a symbol of the commitment of your love to each other.



Types of Wedding Rings


The good news is that there are different types of wedding rings, which gives room for more alternatives to choose from. Some might fit you and your taste and some might not, but it is important to know them all, so as to make the best decision.

The different types of wedding rings are based on the type of metal as well as the shape/design and size of the rings. Size is just really determined by the wearer and most times, the rings can be resized. But the type of metal and the shape or design is as they were manufactured.

Based on the types of metals, there is gold like the 18-carat gold wedding rings (it could be yellow or white or other shades or gold), silver, platinum, and so many other metals that can be used to manufacture a ring.

Based on the shape, it could be flat (completely rectangular), court shape (which is round on the inside and out), D-shape (flat inside, round on the outside)

The designs – especially of the women’s ring – range from scroll ring, winding willow, pronged, wren, comfort fit, petite curved to tiara-shaped, chevron, crown, twisted vine, and so many other designs.


How Much Do Wedding Rings Cost?


The prices of wedding ring really depend on a lot, the weight of the metal used, the number of the carat of diamonds used, the design and even the designer.


  • The 18-Carat Gold cost between N150,000 to around N450,000
  • The gold plated rings are around N5,000 to around N10,000
  • The 925 silver sterling rings are from about N15,000 to about N40,000
  • The stainless silver rings are from about N5,000 to about N10,000



How to Choose the Best Wedding Rings for You:


While it is great that there are different types of rings to make choice from, it can be a strain to know the type of ring to choose.

In essence, having too many alternatives is not always the best thing and the irony of the matter is that there is usually a higher chance of making a mistake and choosing wrongly when one has too many alternatives.

Fortunately, there is a way to choose the best wedding rings for you and your partner. It is important to consider that what might be best for your best friend might not be the best option for you.

Once you have crossed the hurdle of making sure you get wedding rings of quality metals, there a whole lot of other factors to consider in making the best decision and picking the best wedding ring for you and your partner.


Budget: The first thing you have to consider, of course, is how much you can afford to go on the rings. Don’t be carried away by the celebrity lifestyles or the voice on the street on having to break the bank to buy the most expensive ring. You can buy a quality, beautiful ring (if that matters to you) without breaking the bank. So look at your pocket and search within the boundaries of your budget.


Size: In order to shop for a ring, you have to consider size as well. The good thing is that most rings can be resized but they also come in different sizes already, so know each others’ size and get a ring to fit.


Preferred style: The rings come in different shapes and designs as mentioned earlier. Therefore, you can decide to buy the design and shape that appeals to you. You would be wearing the ring forever, it is a symbol of your love and commitment to each other, thus, it is important that what you buy appeals to the both of you. Apart from the feeling of love you feel for each other in your heart, you want to look at the ring and also smile and not be filled with distaste because it is not something you desire.


Metal: The metal is also something to consider when you make a decision of the type of ring to buy. Do you want gold, platinum, silver or other metals? It could be as a result of taste or based on budget. Some metals are more expensive than some. So while you consider taste, you have to also think about what you can afford.


Lifestyle: The type of lifestyle you lead will affect the ring and determine its lifespan. Your job and general lifestyle are things to consider when making a decision. For instance, if what you do demands coming in contact with water always or what you do is heavy work that can scrap your ring, you might want to invest in a ring that would withstand all that because you don’t want to keep changing rings every few years, that would no longer be wise financial decision.



When all these factors are put into consideration, chances of being overwhelmed and making a wrong decision will drastically reduce.

Having put the above factors in mind, the guide below will further guide you into choosing the best wedding ring for you.


The first thing you need to do is start shopping early. If you want to go with a jeweler, who will make the rings specifically for you, you need to also start considering options early except you already have a specific jeweler in mind. But if you are going to shop for it, then you need to start looking early. There is a high tendency to make mistakes when one is in a hurry unlike when one has time.


Then consider your budget. If you want to shop online, it is even made easy because, with most online markets, there is usually an opportunity to filter through the prices and choose the price range that one is looking for. And even with physical jewel shops, you can ask them to present rings that fit into the price range that you can choose from.


Narrow your choice down to the type of metal you prefer, the shape you want and the design. The good thing about technology and the internet is that even before going shopping, you can find different types of rings to peruse online, so you can decide on what you would prefer even before you go shopping. Decide whether you want something simple, complex, with embellishments, same metal as your engagement ring. This is so when you go shopping, you won’t bother with having to sort through rings that you don’t want.


Although, due to the element of surprise, many people don’t like shopping for their engagement ring with the wedding rings.


But it could be a good decision because the engagement ring should complement the wedding rings. If the engagement ring is full of embellishments, then the wedding ring should be simple and vice versa.


However, if you still want to keep the element of surprise, which many women would prefer, after getting her the engagement ring that you know she would like, you should shop for the wedding rings with the engagement ring you bought her in mind.


In case you and your partner don’t like the same thing, there is no need to force it or question your compatibility. While the ring is a symbol of your love and commitment to the other person, it should also represent your personality. Don’t be afraid or hesitate to blend and mix up metal or design in this case. The most important thing is for the ring to speak to both of you.


Keep an open mind. Even if you have already had your preference in mind – as it should be – it is necessary that you keep an open mind. Speak to the jeweler – if you are going that route – or the jewelry shop manager and let them show you more options. You just might find something else that you would like.


Then consider maintenance and cleaning. Some rings will take a lot more to clean up while some others will be easier to clean. Your lifestyle might come into play here and you should consider if your lifestyle will bring your ring into more contact with dirt and if the ring will be more difficult to clean.


Wedding rings communicate a strong message of love and commitment to your spouse and should be chosen with carefulness and precision. If these factors are put into consideration, you are on your way to choosing the best ring for you.


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